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October 23rd, 2008

01:38 pm - Introduction
HI! I'm Dawn. I live in Michigan. I'm 20 years old and I've been crocheting for a year! Right now I'm making a granny square purse and soon I will be making my first sweater, hopefully.
I don't use patterns, just my imagination.

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September 16th, 2008

10:40 am
In the vein of the Fug Girls...

Well Played: Interweave Crochet

I have been a very vocal critic of Interweave Crochet and the patterns they offer, so it is only fair that I give credit when credit is due. The quality of the design for the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet is orders of magnitude better than previous issues. (although... WTF?! at the "ornamental handspun motifs").

Robyn Chachula's Ridge Swing Cardigan is adorable, appears very well-fitting, and offers 6 different sizes in the pattern. The Northern Dreams Pullover, by Julia Vaconsin, will be the envy of knitters (colorwork like this is MUCH easier in crochet than in knitting). Lara’s Dance Skirt, by Doris Chan, is very of-the-moment.

Kudos to Kim Werker for putting together a stellar issue.

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August 21st, 2008

10:38 pm - Oh my word...
This post.

It's a shame the poor lady got robbed. Except, you know, Lion Brand is NOT a suitable replacement for high-end yarn. Really now. What made you think that was acceptable? Besides which, if she was a smart business owner, she likely has insurance and whatnot that, with appropriate police reports and information about the value of the goods stolen, will pay to have her stock replaced.


Sending a LYS owner Lion. Brand. to replace high-end yarn.

For fuck's sake.

ETA: At least the commenters have put sense into her head. Still.

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August 19th, 2008

03:33 pm - It's all the phrasing.
Picture to go along with the text.

Let me say, before I get into the phrasing issue I think this piece has, that I actually find the piece itself pretty nice. It looks like it fits, and while I'm not wild about the double ruffle, I don't find it completely overwhelming. The color combo is pleasant as well.

My issue with this piece is all about the description:

This crocheted top is easy enough for anyone to make! Tiny cable twists create exquisite shaping without fancy calculations. Featuring the debut of The Crochet Dude's color combo called "Drewbilation" from Tilli Tomas.

It's the term "fancy calculations" used in a way that sounds rude in my head. What are these "fancy calculations" the Crochet Dude speaks of? Where do they come from? Because, for me, all the calculations in crochet are pretty simple. I get X stitches per inch. I need something that is Y stitches around. X(Y)=number of stitches I need. That's basic pre-Algebra.

I think one of the biggest issues with crochet and garments is the lack of crocheters wanting to multiply a few simple numbers. By labeling said simple numbers as "fancy calculations", I feel like the guy is giving crocheters permission to continue to ignore the very simple math that could take their boxy sweater to a lovely top.

The most aggravating part about this is the pattern designer had to use some form of math to get the numbers needed to fit the top on the model. Which leads me into wondering if the back of that thing is actually done.

On a related sidenote, for a guy that likes going by "Crochet Dude", he sure does love naming his stuff after himself. [The yarn color blend is "Drewbilation", and he has a set of "Drew-String" purse patterns for sale.]
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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August 5th, 2008

09:35 pm - Crochet "Art"
Why? Just WHY?

I agree with the commenters on that article. It seems to serve no useful purpose other than stroking the artist's ego. Looking at that without knowing the backstory, I'd be going, "Why the fuck is that gas station covered in crochet?"

I really wonder why people undertake these projects. Wouldn't it be more useful to whatever position you were trying to promote with these projects to make something that would actually physically help your cause?

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June 15th, 2008

12:04 pm - I know it's post-modern and all, but...
I just don't get it.  While the poster was saving up plastic bags "for a long time", she could have been using an already-made reusable one.  Sorry, OP, I know you're probably on here; if you feel like it, maybe you or another plastic-bag-crocheter can explain the desire.

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May 26th, 2008

11:59 pm
cluck here

you can thank me later.

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January 30th, 2008

07:08 am
Chloe - you know I love you.

It's a great sweater pattern, if you change it completely

Kim says of this sweater "Finally, if it wasn't made apparent by this post, this is an excellent pattern for modifying! I recommend it as a first sweater pattern, since it's so straightforward, and certainly as a first modification pattern, again because it's so straightforward. Rock."

What is so good about "straightforward" if the fit sucks and you need to do all the math yourself? Obviously, it wasn't sized properly because No Women have back widths equal to their front widths, not even women with mastectomies. Sure, a very small-busted woman might not notice the ill fit as much as a large-busted woman, but this sweater is a box with a tube on top - and that's EXACTLY how it will fit.

You'd think beginners would want a pattern that is, perhaps, less "straightforward" yet needs no modifications...

I think this sweater was a great try at designing. I don't think it's of publishable quality as a clothing pattern, though. Too bad crochet publishing standards are this low - otherwise the designer might've been inspired to do better. As it is - why bother, when this pattern is better than many others crochet patterns out there...?**

If I am going to take the time to make myself clothing, it needs to fit as good as something I bought couture and had tailored to my body. That, to me, is the whole point of making my own clothing - getting the quality I could not otherwise afford.

**Which might explain why knitting is "cooler". There is a wealth of gorgeous and well-fitting knit sweater patterns. Too bad crochet designers don't seem to have the same respect of their own art.

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January 17th, 2008

10:02 am - ick, on so many levels
Sometimes I want to post things to my Ravelry queue just for a joke, to see if anyone notices.  But I run the chance of someone thinking I'm... serious.  Like this:

Harvest Moon

What we have here is Scarlett O'Hara's Halloween costume.

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December 1st, 2007

01:47 am
From: http://community.livejournal.com/crochetcrochet/412908.html

So I've been seeing alot of "fat bottom bags" from the "Happy hooker" lately and I would really love to make one, however, I don't really see anything else I like from the book. I don't particularly want to buy an entire book for just one pattern.
I was wondering if anyone who has the pattern would like to trade the pattern for something I have?

Other than the obvious copyright infringement, 'alot' is actually 2 words. ;p

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